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MFE Inspection Solutions offers two different LiDAR-based solutions for inspections: indoor LiDAR mapping with the Elios 3 drone and external LiDAR mapping with the Hovermap ST-X payload system. While both solutions use SLAM-based LiDAR technology to generate 3D maps of environments, they are suitable for different types of inspections. In fact, both of these solutions complement each other and can be used together for a comprehensive inspection.

Indoor LiDAR Mapping with Flyability Elios 3

The Elios 3 drone is designed for indoor inspections and is equipped with a LiDAR sensor that can generate a high-resolution 3D map of indoor spaces. This drone is ideal for inspections in hazardous and hard-to-reach areas, such as power plants, chemical plants, and underground mines. The drone is highly maneuverable and can navigate through tight spaces without collision, making it easy to inspect hard-to-reach areas. The 3D maps generated by the Elios 3 can be used to identify potential hazards, measure dimensions, and locate anomalies.


  • The Elios 3 is highly maneuverable and can navigate through tight spaces
  • The Elios 3 can operate in hazardous and hard-to-reach areas, which may be unsafe for human entry.

External LiDAR Mapping with Emesent Hovermap ST-X Payload System

The Hovermap ST-X is a payload system that is specifically developed for external inspections and can be attached to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Its main purpose is to create a 3D map of the environment while incorporating AI navigation features for carrying out autonomous inspections on major infrastructure projects like tunnels, bridges, and pipelines. With the ability to cover a larger area and an extended range, the Hovermap ST-X is better suited for external inspections on large-scale infrastructure projects.


  • The Hovermap ST-X can be mounted on UAVs, enabling it to quickly cover larger areas.
  • The LiDAR sensor on the Hovermap ST-X has a longer range
Emesent Hovermap Mounted on DJI Matrice 300


In conclusion, the Elios 3 drone and Hovermap ST-X payload system are highly effective inspection solutions that can be used together to provide a comprehensive inspection report. The Elios 3 can inspect hard-to-reach indoor areas, while the Hovermap ST-X can cover larger areas and inspect external infrastructure. Businesses can get a more detailed and comprehensive inspection report by using both solutions together. MFE Inspection Solutions offers both solutions and can help businesses achieve their inspection goals.

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If you’re looking for advanced inspection solutions, the Elios 3 drone and Hovermap ST-X payload system can be used together or independently, depending on your specific needs. MFE Inspection Solutions offers both options to help you achieve your inspection goals. Contact us today to learn more about how these solutions can benefit your business and revolutionize your inspection process. Don’t wait any longer to take your inspections to the next level!